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"Working together for Excellence Offshore"

"New Generation in Advanced Sub Sea Services"

Commercial Diving & Sub Sea Services
IRATECH provides Commercial Diving, ROV and all other variety of Sub Sea Services to offshore Oil & Gas industries.We are your partner throughout the life cycle of offshore oil and gas development. our divers & ROVs are there supporting exploration, installing pipelines for ....
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Tunneling & Hyperbaric Environment
We are proud to serve our clients with our unique services and support to hyperbaric systems working in IRAN. We have been working on major TBMs HERENKENCHT (Germany) and NFM (France) and our experiences during last 3 years in working in TBM machines...
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Trainings and Equipments

We are THE FIRST Company holding Professional Personnel who are well trained and certified in International Training Schools.

Over the years Iratech has been the premier Diving Equipment Supplier in Iran. During these years we achieved the authorizations to be the sole representative and exclusive distributor ...

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Our Mission
Deep down on our playground we will do anything and everything, our goal is to bring bottom up , by providing quality services to our clients, using well trained personnel, utilizing pro. Equipments and deploying latest updated techniques.
ITSS is Iranian most innovative and resourceful commercial diving, personnel and R.O.V. Supply Company. We provide engineering, construction services with the emphasis on highest standard of safety, quality and timely delivery.

We are dedicated to delivering a full service in subsea engineering, installation and construction, and IRM services for all upstream oil and gas applications.

Currently we are providing Special GEOTECH innovative intervention tech. solutions utilising considerable ROV service experiences and expertise in robotics.


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