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We are mindful of the necessity of maintaining discipline and the highest operating standards in all our operations.  We continually try to work with regulatory bodies to establish and enforce standards of certification and operating procedures for the whole industry.  As subsea intervention technology advances, there is an ever-greater need for training, certification and operating standards to be developed and enforced in the industry.

IRATECH Basic Rules

  1. Say what you do, Do what you say.
  2. Make a detailed Plan & Schedule.
  3. If there is any deviation from the plan, call you supervisor/superintendent.
  4. Know what your job is and focus on doing your job before all else.
  5. Think safely & cost effectively always.
  6. Ask for help if in doubt.
  7. Be like a Pro, Got a professional attitude and try helping others.
  8. If it doesnít seem right, it probably isnít.
  9. Try to help with suggestion or advices to do you jobs more safe & effective.
  10. Be aware of Safety procedures, Emergency plan and hold your HSEQ passport along with contact info. Or related people in hand always.

    All of our personnel are certified IMCA/HSE Divers and Supervisors. We keep our Diving Equipments adjusted according to Internatinal IMCA Code of practices guide lines and where more safety is needed we use NORSOK standard and legislation.

    For Mor information check our Standard Manual.
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