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We provide a range of services to the civil and offshore marine industries, including vessel maintenance, security inspections, oil and gas platform support, pipeline and submarine cable lay support and protection, trenching, subsea construction, coded wet welding, marine salvage, shoreline and structure erosion control and protection.

In our commitment to meeting our clients' needs, we are dedicated to the highest standards of:
Technical proficiency, Marine safety, Quality, environmental awareness...

Our diving capabilities include surface-supplied and air-mixed gas diving services. All operations are managed and controlled from mobile control centers in trailers or containers, which can be moved quickly on-site or loaded on to a barge or support vessel.

For inspections and ROV work, we own or have quick access to inspection-class ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) with digital video, sonar and manipulator. Acting as an agent, we can source work-class ROV systems. Other marine resources include tug, barge and crane services and work boats.

The global demand for energy resources in deeper waters will continue to ask searching questions of the contracting industry's ability to introduce the new technology that will bring cost-effective returns for operators, as this we intend to become one of leader Company in offshore services and get involved in the Oil / gas and Petrochemical industry in both the Middle East and Caspian Sea by supplying diving and ROV services vital in producing offshore oil and gas.


IRATECH Sub Systems was just set up in Sep 2008, providing sub-sea and ROV services along with hyperbaric systems services. Now, we are the first and only Iranian Subsea Company in this line of work to be fully running by IMCA/HSE Certified personnel.

We have tried to build a consistent track-record for using updated Technologies / Techniques, strive for ever-increasing standards of excellence and innovation. Today, wed like to have our pioneering spirit working for you.

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