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Professional & Recreational:

Professional Equipments:

IRATECH Subsea offer company containerised systems providing Dive Control, Main Diver Control Panel, Twin Lock Deck Decompression Chamber, HP & LP Compressors, Launch and Recovery System and Diver's Stage / Wet Bell.

Our Air Diving Equipment are maintained and certified according to the best industry practice(s) and requirement(s) of the document set out in the HSE/IMCA Guidelines and Code of Practice.

Recreational Equipments:

For our dive center we benefits from gears by well known producers with high quality and latest technologies. As the only dive center in IRAN we offer NITROX mixing compressors and diving gears needed for technical diving.

Pro. Equipments | Scuba Gears



Distributor / Exclusive Dealer:

Over the years Iratech has been the premier Diving Equipment Supplier in Iran. During these years we achieved the authorizations to be the sole representative and exclusive distributor of the most reputable and leading Diving Gear Manufacturers in the world.

At the moment ITSS is certified as the only representative of the world's premier brands, and is authorized to distribute their equipment to ensure the after sales services and promote these brand names.


- COMPRESSORS: Bauer, Seacom, H&W
- DDC/HBO:Hytech, Advanced Marine, Noeldive
- DIVING GEARS:Promate, Oceanic, Soprassub, Pro Sub
- DIVING CYLINDERS:Faber, catalina, Luxfer, XS Scuba
- ROV & AUV:Noel Dive, Shark Marine
- ELECTRONICS EQUIPMENTS:Speedtech, Tritech, Notrinox


Lots of other Equipments as Boats, Outboard diesel Engines, Lifting<br> Bags, Under water CCTV and camera, Housing, Bottom Profilers, Metal Detectors,... are available on request.

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