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Offshore services
Commercial Diving(Onshore Diving Services)

Commercial Diving (Offshore & Onshore) Onshore Diving Services

We provide a complete range of Onshore underwater services to our
clients including:

- Underwater Construction
- Underwater Welding, Burning, Cutting, Demolition
- Underwater Non-destructive Testing
- Underwater Jetting and Pumping Operations
- Grit and Water Blasting
- Underwater Inspections & Environmental Services

We work both as a main contractor and sub-contractor to framework companies to provide a total repair / rehabilitation service on any onshore underwater or water filled structure. We also provide diving services to nuclear power plants, including inspection and repair of underwater equipment during plant turnarounds or operation.

Some of our Projects:

Engineering, Fabrication and Installation Client:DOSDate: Dec 2009
Location:South Pars Gas Field, Phases 15 & 16, Persian Gulf

Sewage Line Debris Clearance, Contaminated Environment Diving
Date:Jul 2009
Location:Water & Sewage Org., Qom (Contaminated Environment)

General Repair and Maintenance of Refinery Lines Client:BAOR
Location:Oil Refinery, Bandar Abbas, IRAN

Onshore Track Record

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